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The "Dear Dad" Project

There is so much at stake in this year's election, especially for women and young people. Everything from housing costs to college affordability to reproductive freedoms to the future of climate action and more are on the ballot in November. The status quo isn't working, and, if we want to change our politics, we need to change who we elect as our leaders.

That's why, this Father's Day, we're asking Utah women and girls to write a letter to their fathers about why they support Caroline and why they believe it is so important to elect more leaders like her. Even for people who have never voted for a Democrat before, a heartfelt and personal explanation and as from a loved one can genuinely make a difference.

You can either write your own personalized letter about the issues that are most important to you in this election, or you can use one of the templates below.

If you want to share your experience on social media, make sure to tag @carolinegleich on Twitter and @carolineforutah on Instagram and Threads, and use #DearDadProject!

Write a letter to your dad explaining why voting for Caroline this year is so important for your future: