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Our Campaign’s Top Issues

Advancing a Vision for a Sustainable and Equitable Future. Caroline Gleich's commitment to Utah encompasses a comprehensive stance on key issues crucial for the well-being of the state and its residents.

Environmental Protection & Climate Action

Caroline is dedicated to robust environmental protection and a transition to a clean-energy future. She advocates for sustainable practices, clean energy initiatives, and the implementation of carbon capture technologies to ensure a healthier and more resilient environment for future generations.

Moving to Clean Energy

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change, Caroline supports the acceleration of Utah's transition to clean, renewable energy sources. Her focus includes promoting energy efficiency measures, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, and enhancing public transportation infrastructure.

Access to Outdoors

Caroline is committed to improving and expanding access to the outdoors for all Utahns. This includes the development of more parks, green spaces, and trails to encourage outdoor recreation and enhance the overall well-being of the community.

Working with the Federal Government

Caroline emphasizes the need for collaboration between Utah and the federal government. She is committed to defending democracy and protecting Utah's interests by fostering positive relationships and working toward common goals.

Technology & Digital Privacy

Recognizing the importance of privacy rights in the digital age, Caroline supports the implementation of a national privacy policy akin to the European GDPR. She aims to revise legislation such as the Patriot Act to enhance digital privacy protections.

Abortion Access

Caroline is a staunch supporter of the right to choose, advocating for decisions regarding abortion to be made between patients and their doctors—not politicians. She is dedicated to holding state lawmakers accountable for potential overreach of government in matters of personal healthcare.

Health Care & Mental Health

Prioritizing the well-being of Utahns, Caroline advocates for comprehensive healthcare reform and increased access to mental health services. She believes in ensuring affordable and quality healthcare for all, addressing systemic issues, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Public Lands

Public lands represent our future and the future of the planet. Caroline supports legislation to set binding goals to reduce emissions, while giving land managers tools on how to reach them.

Civil Liberties

Championing individual freedoms and civil liberties, Caroline is dedicated to safeguarding the rights and privacy of every Utahn. She advocates for policies that uphold the principles of democracy, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and respected.

Economy & Jobs

Caroline is committed to fostering a resilient and thriving economy in Utah. Her focus includes supporting job creation, economic growth, and innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of the workforce. She aims to collaborate with businesses and policymakers to ensure a robust economic future for the state.


Caroline is dedicated to advancing education in Utah, focusing on providing quality and equitable opportunities for all students. She supports initiatives to improve educational infrastructure, enhance teacher resources, and promote access to higher education for a brighter future.


Honoring the sacrifice and service of veterans, Caroline is committed to advocating for policies that support veterans' rights, healthcare, and overall well-being. She aims to address the unique challenges veterans face, ensuring they receive the care and benefits they deserve for their service to the nation.